How to achieve the goals you want?

This self-reflective exercise aims to teach you how to achieve goals you want, but for some reason, you fail.

Before starting the exercise, please read the blog post or listen to the audio on the Grow Your Mind in Five Steps blog dedicated to knowing basic skills in obtaining and keeping your mental wellbeing.

The blog describes the prerequisites you should provide to achieve desired goals in a mental state.

The fact that you want something and still don't do enough to achieve it may indicate that you’re sabotaging yourself in the process. The blog will help you become aware of this mechanism and show you how to overcome it.

As you’ve seen in the blog, the road to having proper mental skills is neither easy nor fast. But it’s worth the effort and time. If you’re mentally balanced, you can achieve almost anything you want. Now that you know all this let’s practice what you’ve learned.

The test results are just for you. The copy doesn’t remain on our website, so what you write will be visible only to you.

This quiz has 5 questions. You can write answers in your native language. It doesn’t have to be in English.