How old is your mind?

To determine how much the Senex archetype that represents the principle of maturity is developed within your psyche, carefully read the statements below.

Mark YES next to each statement if you think it’s your predominant trait. If you can’t relate to a specific statement at all, or you do so on a tiny scale, put NO next to it.

Once you get the self-test result, it would be helpful to ask someone who knows you well and whom you trust to look at your answers and write TRUE next to each of your responses that they agree with, or FALSE next to each one that they disagree with.

In this way, you will determine how realistically you perceive yourself.

Suppose there’s a significant discrepancy between your perception of yourself and the other person’s perception of you. In that case, the accurate perception very likely won’t be yours, as it’s tough for you to see yourself objectively.

Whose perception of you was more accurate? Yours? Or did the other person see you more realistically after all?

Is the principle of maturity sufficiently developed, underdeveloped, or overdeveloped in your psyche?

Let's find out!

This quiz has 20 questions.